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"Uitm je pun?"
Monday, May 30, 20165/30/2016 09:46:00 pm

"Uitm je pun, tu pun nak kecoh"

"Bajet dapat uitm"

"La Uitm je ke kau dapat?"

-ananymous on twitter

Speechless. Who do you guys think you guys are daring to judge uitm that way? I meant, kalau kau tgk, ktrg boleh je masuk uni mana mana pun. Tapi kitorang ni jenis bukan bajet macam korang, konon nak ipts segala. Kalau atas duit korang sendiri, tak payah ckpla. Masalahnya duit makan pun parents tanggung *gelak jap*. 

In addition, upu ni atas effort kitorang sendiri. In fact, dalam upu, uitm aku letak plg atas. Kitorang layak dapat uitm, so kitorang berhak nak rasa excited ke suka ke apa ke. Cuz suka hati kitoranglah. Kitorang tahu kitorang mampu dpt uitm, berlandaskan hasil usaha spm kitorang kan? Apa salahnya. Tempat bljr, and aku bangga sangat jadi warga uitm. 

Kalau kau tak dpt tu, diam diam sudahlah. Jangan rosakkan mood kitorang yg baru dpt tawaran masuk uitm, dah sampai mds dah pun. Korang ada duit, korang pgila ipts, tak kisahla klo krg nak susahkan mak bapak korang ke, guna ptptn ke apa ke yg one day lagi byk krg kena byr, cuz srsly, fikir sebelum bertindak.

Nak bergembira sikit pun tak boleh. Pelik do orang jenis cantu. Sekiam

No title
Friday, May 13, 20165/13/2016 09:33:00 pm

Kasih sayang aku dapat, memang cukup. Tapi aku tak rasa cukup. 
Can u feel me? No u won't. Having a separated parents, is quite a tantrum to me. Then, imagine having a stepmother? I am not happy.

A fresh start
Wednesday, May 11, 20165/11/2016 11:31:00 pm

Sitting in my study table, blankly doing nothing after turning on my laptop. So, I decided to make a brief post about myself, which I know nobody really wants to actually give a damn. But why not?

My name is Nur Adlina binti Azwan, I believe my middle name is binti.......right. I am currently an spm leaver, doing nothing at home, watching dramas all night long, getting imsonia, sleeping all day long, and ofc, eating non-stop. Ah dont get me wrong,i just want to save this precious free time, cz i know, after i pursue my studies, there will be no rest for me. I had an interview for seni bina at uitm, I really hope I get it, InshaAllah.

Enough for the introduction, now it is the time for my quirks! And stuff.

I was told that I am quite nice. Well, it does really seems right somehow? 

I hate cockcroaches. 
I have this passion over watching asian dramas and movies.
I really love doing make up.
I am a friendly and a talkative person, only to people who deserves.
I love spending money, it makes me sastified of getting what I want.
I dont like cakes, they made me nausea.
I love meehoon tomyam, and if I ordered it, it has to be extra spicy.
I have an allergy to seafood, dairy food and peanuts (I'll get very itchy at my legs and hands, a bad sneeze (sinus problem), a swollen face, and short of breath).
I loves perfumes, therefore, a guy with quite a smell...is a major turn off.
I once had pets before, which is rabbit (when I was so little), and hamster (they hd missing...in action when I was in form 2).
I have a lung aquoes deasease when I was just a kid, my body tends to expelled watery stuff. Like, sinus problem.
I hate hot- tempered people.
I dont like staying so long at a place. I need to go out.
After puberty hit me, I had a very, serious acne problem. And Alhamdulillah, it is getting okay and relieved now. 
I cant stay too long under the sun. I'll get headache, sometimes nose-  bleed.
I am an overly- attached person.
I was told that I am a very stubborn person.
I love soft material, soft colour, and soft music. And a soft person.
I love drawing, but I dont have the talent to do so.
I want to explore the world one day with the loved ones.
I am an uneasy person, and a messy person. 
I dont like wearing accessories, my skin is so sensitive.
I tend to fall in love easily to a gentle-man person.
I love cooking and baking, and again, I dont have the talent, or just I am that lazy to find the raw food.
I love cookies and appetizer. Simply, I love eating.