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A fresh start
Wednesday, May 11, 20165/11/2016 11:31:00 pm

Sitting in my study table, blankly doing nothing after turning on my laptop. So, I decided to make a brief post about myself, which I know nobody really wants to actually give a damn. But why not?

My name is Nur Adlina binti Azwan, I believe my middle name is binti.......right. I am currently an spm leaver, doing nothing at home, watching dramas all night long, getting imsonia, sleeping all day long, and ofc, eating non-stop. Ah dont get me wrong,i just want to save this precious free time, cz i know, after i pursue my studies, there will be no rest for me. I had an interview for seni bina at uitm, I really hope I get it, InshaAllah.

Enough for the introduction, now it is the time for my quirks! And stuff.

I was told that I am quite nice. Well, it does really seems right somehow? 

I hate cockcroaches. 
I have this passion over watching asian dramas and movies.
I really love doing make up.
I am a friendly and a talkative person, only to people who deserves.
I love spending money, it makes me sastified of getting what I want.
I dont like cakes, they made me nausea.
I love meehoon tomyam, and if I ordered it, it has to be extra spicy.
I have an allergy to seafood, dairy food and peanuts (I'll get very itchy at my legs and hands, a bad sneeze (sinus problem), a swollen face, and short of breath).
I loves perfumes, therefore, a guy with quite a smell...is a major turn off.
I once had pets before, which is rabbit (when I was so little), and hamster (they hd missing...in action when I was in form 2).
I have a lung aquoes deasease when I was just a kid, my body tends to expelled watery stuff. Like, sinus problem.
I hate hot- tempered people.
I dont like staying so long at a place. I need to go out.
After puberty hit me, I had a very, serious acne problem. And Alhamdulillah, it is getting okay and relieved now. 
I cant stay too long under the sun. I'll get headache, sometimes nose-  bleed.
I am an overly- attached person.
I was told that I am a very stubborn person.
I love soft material, soft colour, and soft music. And a soft person.
I love drawing, but I dont have the talent to do so.
I want to explore the world one day with the loved ones.
I am an uneasy person, and a messy person. 
I dont like wearing accessories, my skin is so sensitive.
I tend to fall in love easily to a gentle-man person.
I love cooking and baking, and again, I dont have the talent, or just I am that lazy to find the raw food.
I love cookies and appetizer. Simply, I love eating.